Sophia Bremo

Research Assistant

I am Sophia Bremo. Student of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in Leiden University and will graduate in the summer of 2022. I am and have always been, fascinated by the connection of nature and nurture, and anthropology and psychology fulfill my curiosity in these two realms. From February 2021, I have been involved in the Virtual Reality Project of the department of Cognitive Psychology conducted by Dr. Antoinette van Laarhoven, Dr. Mariska Kret, and Dr. Roberta Sellaro. As my first professional experience working in the academic field, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from women doctor scientists and from colleagues I respect who are M.Sc. Isabella Saccardi, and M.Sc. Maarten Struijk. My position in the project is as Student Research Assistant. Besides my collaboration in this project, I work at The Hague Peace Projects with Human Rights Defenders from around the globe. Society and our relation with it is clearly a passion to me. Therefore, from the VR project, I am excited to see what we can conclude about our relationship with the virtual world and its implications for our future as a society.

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