Evania Fasya, M.Sc.

PhD Student

Evania received her bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in 2013 from the University of Indonesia. She had been working at the software development industry for several years during and after her bachelor’s degree until she started her master’s study in Human Media Interaction at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. For her master thesis, she created a question-generation system which can process text as the input and produce relevant question & answer pairs as the output. These question & answer pairs can be used to provide virtual humans with the knowledge to answer people’s questions. She received her master’s degree of Science in 2017.


I joined CoPAN in 2018 as a research assistant in the project Emotion Mimicry in High & Low Socially Anxious individuals with Dr. Mariska Kret and Dr. Esther van den Bos as my supervisors. The project makes use of virtual humans to study the effect of social anxiety in mimicry and trust. In 2020, I started my PhD project with the topic Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Public Speaking Anxiety, a project in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Dirk Heylen from the Human Media Interaction department at the University of Twente. This PhD project aims to create a virtual reality exposure therapy program that can reduce anxiety during public speaking by taking into account social decision-making capacities and the perception of emotional expressions.


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