Associate Professor at Leiden University

Evania Fasya, M.Sc.

2018 - present
Evania received her bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. Her research interests lie in virtual humans, conversational agents, and natural language processing. She finished her MSc in Human Media Interaction (Interaction Technology) at the University of Twente, where she created a question generation system in order to provide a virtual human with the knowledge to answer people's questions.
Evania is a research assistant on the project “Mimicry in high and low socially anxious individuals: An evolutionary perspective”, a study realized with university funding for a collaborative project with Esther van den Bos, assistant professor at the Developmental and Educational Psychology Unit and Mariska Kret.
The project aims to investigate the mimicry of nonverbal behaviors (e.g., head movements, facial expressions, pupil size) by involving a virtual human, so that behaviour can be fully controlled. Evania works on the creation of the virtual human and the virtual environment, which are used to interact with the high and low socially anxious individuals that the research is focused on.


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