Associate Professor at Leiden University

Eliska Prochazkova, M.Sc.

PhD student
2015 – present
Graduated from Heriot Watt University, Faculty of Life Sciencis, with First-Class Honours degree in Applied Psycholog in 2013. She finished her Master degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Amsterdam in 2015. Currently, Eliska works as a PhD student at Leiden University. Her research merges cognitive neuroscience, affective and social science, in an effort to understand the brain basis of emotional expressions and intra-individual physiological synchrony.

In 2015, she was awarded the NWO talent grant, which offers young researchers a platform to pursue Ph.D. research. In her Ph.D. project, Eliska explores the role of synchronization in social interaction while employing the neuroscientific tools available to study these processes e.g. pupillometry, skin conductance reactivity and fMRI. Apart from fMRI, in her latest field research, she measured couples’ physical synchrony during real-life dating interactions, outside of traditional laboratory settings (on Festivals and cultural events). In this research, she investigated the impact of autonomic social signals (e.g. partner’s pupil size) on people’s neurophysiology and social behaviors and uses machine-learning algorithms to investigate these linkages. The overarching aim of her research is to provide implications for further clinical research testing the role of autonomic signals in social pathologies such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Social Anxiety.

Her research is supported by the NWO Research Talent Programme 2015.

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