Professor at Leiden University

CoPAN Photo Competition

Theme: the social and emotional bonobo

Prize: 200 euro


For a new non-invasive experiment I am looking for pictures of bonobos from Apenheul (the Netherlands), Kölner Zoo (Germany) and Planckendael Zoo (Belgium) taken in 2014 or 2015 showing:

  • Stress, display, yawns, sexual intercourse, grooming or emotional expressions
  • Close-ups of the eye-region showing a neutral expression


The pictures can show one or more individual and should be in colour. You can send as many pictures as you want (preferrably in raw format) before November 1st via ( or on a dvd to: MariskaKret, Wassenaarseweg52, 2333 AK Leiden

The pictures will be used for scientific research only, they will not be made public or used for commercial purposes.


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