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Associate Professor at Leiden University


What do we want our robot companions to look like?

“Robots are the future” is what you often hear. Let me disabuse you, that “future” has already begun. Robots are becoming more and more integrated in our world, bringing about significant changes in the way we live. They appear in different designs and we humans do not like all of these designs to the same extent; some of them even… Read more »

The Role of Pupil Mimicry in Social Interactions: A Real-Life Interaction Study

  “I don’t really understand why it’s considered normal to stare at someone’s eyeballs”1   Although this boy suffering from autism did not see the reason for looking into each other’s eyes, the answer is clear to most other people: the eye is one of the most important regions in social interactions providing rich information about a person’s intentions and… Read more »

Van nature maken primaten elkaar niet af

In de natuur wordt het doden van soortgenoten vaker voorkomen dan niet. Door het gebruik van dominante of juist onderdanige signalen zijn individuen er al snel uit wie de sterkste is, zodat het onnodig is om bloed te vergieten. In niet-menselijke primaten komen moord en doodslag daardoor zeer zelden voor. Áls het al voorkomt, dan gaat het in de meeste… Read more »

From face to hand: attentional bias towards expressive hands in social anxiety (ook in het Nederlands)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable looking someone into the eyes? We all do sometimes, but socially anxious individuals do so to such an extent, that they often avoid eye contact completely. And this is interfering in their daily lives, because the eye-region conveys important emotional information that we normally spontaneously attend to and that is very useful during social interactions.… Read more »

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