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pupil mimicry

Pupil mimicry: a bonding mechanism

Eliska: “Did your mother ever ask: “Did you steal a cookie? Look at me!” – and you had to look away. Eyes are important social signals. Eye contact increases with familiarity and liking and seems to promote trust. What underlies this trust-enhancing effect of eye contact?”   Humans often make inferences about someone else’s mental state: what the other person… Read more »

Trust me: look into my pupils

People often mimic each other’s facial expressions or postures without even knowing it, but in this new study, co-author Carsten de Dreu and I show that they also mimic the size of each other’s pupils, which can lead to increased trust. The findings reveal that participants who mimicked the dilated pupils of a partner were more likely to trust that… Read more »

Physiological synchrony: key to dating success?

Finding love in today’s society has become very different from what generations use to remember. The amount of people who meet their partner via online dating has grown rapidly. In 2014, in the Netherlands, 13% of the relationships developed online. In 2003 this was still less than 2% (CBS, 2014). In consequence, the development of romantic relationships is also changing.… Read more »

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