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NWO VIDI awarded to Mariska

Next year April, a new research project starts, investigating emotion processing and trust formation deficits in patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). The project will run for five years and will host two postdocs, a PhD student and a research assistant. It will partly take place in Germany, in collaboration with PD. Dr. (psychiatrist) Katja… Read more »

Trust me: look into my pupils

People often mimic each other’s facial expressions or postures without even knowing it, but in this new study, co-author Carsten de Dreu and I show that they also mimic the size of each other’s pupils, which can lead to increased trust. The findings reveal that participants who mimicked the dilated pupils of a partner were more likely to trust that… Read more »

François Quesque wins IBRO grant to visit the CoPAN lab

François Quesque (Postdoc at the University of Lille) and I met at the ESCOP conference in Cyprus earlier this year and found out we had many shared research interests. Fortunately, François saw a chance to visit our lab in Leiden early March and gave an inspiring talk entitled ‘Show me how you move, I’ll tell you what you think’. After… Read more »

From face to hand: attentional bias towards expressive hands in social anxiety (ook in het Nederlands)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable looking someone into the eyes? We all do sometimes, but socially anxious individuals do so to such an extent, that they often avoid eye contact completely. And this is interfering in their daily lives, because the eye-region conveys important emotional information that we normally spontaneously attend to and that is very useful during social interactions.… Read more »

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