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Physiological synchrony: key to dating success?

Finding love in today’s society has become very different from what generations use to remember. The amount of people who meet their partner via online dating has grown rapidly. In 2014, in the Netherlands, 13% of the relationships developed online. In 2003 this was still less than 2% (CBS, 2014). In consequence, the development of romantic relationships is also changing.… Read more »

Tinder voor orang-oetans? Apen hebben ook zo hun voorkeuren! (also in English)

For English scroll down. Op verschillende media is te lezen over ons onderzoek naar “Tinder voor apen” in samenwerking met Apenheul. Waar komt dit idee vandaan? Wij (hoofdonderzoeker Mariska Kret en PhD student Evy van Berlo) zijn als onderzoekers geïnteresseerd in de evolutie van emoties en empathie in mens en dier. Het onderzoeken van dieren die evolutionair gezien het dichtst… Read more »

CoPAN Photo Competition

Theme: the social and emotional orangutan  Prize: 200 euro   For a new non-invasive experiment I am looking for pictures of orangutans from Apenheul (the Netherlands), Ouwehands Dierenpark (the Netherlands), Kölner Zoo (Germany) and Hamburg Zoo (Germany) taken in 2015 or 2016 showing: Stress, display, yawns, sexual intercourse, grooming, play, scratching or emotional expressions Close-ups of the eye-region showing a… Read more »

François Quesque wins IBRO grant to visit the CoPAN lab

François Quesque (Postdoc at the University of Lille) and I met at the ESCOP conference in Cyprus earlier this year and found out we had many shared research interests. Fortunately, François saw a chance to visit our lab in Leiden early March and gave an inspiring talk entitled ‘Show me how you move, I’ll tell you what you think’. After… Read more »

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