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Study of wild chimpanzees in Gishwati forest, Rwanda

During the past three months, PhD student Evy van Berlo, master student Daan Lameris and bachelor student Berta Roura Torres have observed the social, emotional behaviours of a small group of wild chimpanzees living in the Gishwati Forest Reserve in Rwanda. Conservation of this small but beautiful and recovering forest is the main aim of the Forest of Hope Association … Read more »

CoPAN welcomes new PhD student Evy van Berlo

Evy will work on the project ‘Unearthing the evolutionary roots of discrimination’, which is co-funded by Leidsch Universitair Fonds, Elise Mathilde Stichting and Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen.   Project description: Discrimination against social outgroups is a major issue in our society. The social sciences have provided different theories to understand its multifaceted nature, but it remains unclear how discrimination… Read more »

Primatologists in Discussion. The Netherlands meets Japan

On March 8th, CBEN, the Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network, organizes a discussion evening between primatologists Jan van Hooff and Tetsuro Matsuzawa. The evening starts with a lecture by each of them and is followed by a discussion along different theses that are of interest to a broader audience, such as the following statements: •   Insight in the evolution of… Read more »

Primatologists in discussion. The Netherlands meets Japan.

• Insight in the evolution of human cognition can be obtained through research with apes. • Only humans have emotions. • In Japan, robots have a soul. These and more theses will be discussed by the Japanese and Dutch primatologists Tetsuro Matsuzawa and Jan van Hooff in the special ambience of the Leiden SieboldHuis. The discussion evening welcomes a broad… Read more »

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