Professor at Leiden University


Postdoc and PhD position available at CoPAN, Cognitive Psychology Unit, Leiden University

Thanks to an NWO VIDI grant entitled ‘Trust and distrust through emotional mimicry. Implications for autism spectrum disorder and social anxiety disorder‘ I have two positions available in my lab. Read more about the vacancies and apply via the links below.   Postdoc vacancy:   PhD vacancy:  … Read more »

NWO VIDI awarded to Mariska

Next year April, a new research project starts, investigating emotion processing and trust formation deficits in patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). The project will run for five years and will host two postdocs, a PhD student and a research assistant. It will partly take place in Germany, in collaboration with PD. Dr. (psychiatrist) Katja… Read more »

From face to hand: attentional bias towards expressive hands in social anxiety (ook in het Nederlands)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable looking someone into the eyes? We all do sometimes, but socially anxious individuals do so to such an extent, that they often avoid eye contact completely. And this is interfering in their daily lives, because the eye-region conveys important emotional information that we normally spontaneously attend to and that is very useful during social interactions.… Read more »

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