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Tinder voor orang-oetans? Apen hebben ook zo hun voorkeuren! (also in English)

For English scroll down. Op verschillende media is te lezen over ons onderzoek naar “Tinder voor apen” in samenwerking met Apenheul. Waar komt dit idee vandaan? Wij (hoofdonderzoeker Mariska Kret en PhD student Evy van Berlo) zijn als onderzoekers geïnteresseerd in de evolutie van emoties en empathie in mens en dier. Het onderzoeken van dieren die evolutionair gezien het dichtst… Read more »

CoPAN Photo Competition

Theme: the social and emotional orangutan  Prize: 200 euro   For a new non-invasive experiment I am looking for pictures of orangutans from Apenheul (the Netherlands), Ouwehands Dierenpark (the Netherlands), Kölner Zoo (Germany) and Hamburg Zoo (Germany) taken in 2015 or 2016 showing: Stress, display, yawns, sexual intercourse, grooming, play, scratching or emotional expressions Close-ups of the eye-region showing a… Read more »

CoPAN welcomes new PhD student Evy van Berlo

Evy will work on the project ‘Unearthing the evolutionary roots of discrimination’, which is co-funded by Leidsch Universitair Fonds, Elise Mathilde Stichting and Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen.   Project description: Discrimination against social outgroups is a major issue in our society. The social sciences have provided different theories to understand its multifaceted nature, but it remains unclear how discrimination… Read more »

Bonobos’ attention attracted by emotions

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie)   Bonobos – just like humans – give more attention to pictures that show other members of their species displaying emotional behaviour than to neutral scenes. Unlike humans, however, bonobos prefer to look at positive behaviours: social grooming, sex and yawning. This was discovered by the Leiden researcher Dr. Mariska Kret while conducting research… Read more »

Primatologists in discussion. The Netherlands meets Japan.

• Insight in the evolution of human cognition can be obtained through research with apes. • Only humans have emotions. • In Japan, robots have a soul. These and more theses will be discussed by the Japanese and Dutch primatologists Tetsuro Matsuzawa and Jan van Hooff in the special ambience of the Leiden SieboldHuis. The discussion evening welcomes a broad… Read more »

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