Professor at Leiden University

Georgie Agnew

Research intern


I am currently an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Bath in England, and decided to take a placement year in the Netherlands to work on a research project at Leiden University, before returning to Bath to complete my Bachelor’s degree. The project is in collaboration with Dr. Mariska Kret, Dr. Larissa Straffon, and Dr. Gosia Goclowska, focusing on the Evolution of Art and Aesthetics. By having the input of a cognitive psychologist, archaeologist, and social psychologist, this project will be able to join three disciplines together in order to create novel insight into how and why we create art, and why it might be perceived as beautiful.

My main role will be in data collection and study design, so I am also assisting with data collection for a number of other projects within the department. This is a great way to learn more about the field as a whole and the way research is conducted in a professional setting.

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