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Associate Professor at Leiden University


Winner of the CoPAN photo competition

We hereby would like to announce the winner of the CoPAN photo competition….Hugh Jansman! Winning numbers 2 and 3 are Iris Kronenburg and Joke Kok. We received more than 5000 pictures in total and this made a great contribution to the stimulus material for the bonobo research that will start this winter again in de Apenheul with Master student and… Read more »

Primatologists in discussion. The Netherlands meets Japan.

• Insight in the evolution of human cognition can be obtained through research with apes. • Only humans have emotions. • In Japan, robots have a soul. These and more theses will be discussed by the Japanese and Dutch primatologists Tetsuro Matsuzawa and Jan van Hooff in the special ambience of the Leiden SieboldHuis. The discussion evening welcomes a broad… Read more »

Interview op radio 1

Interview met Felice van Nunspeet en Mariska Kret over het LIBC symposium “De wereld van het Sociale Brein”, over emoties, apen, bankiers en nog veel meer, hier terug te luisteren (en te zien).     Lees hier meer over het LIBC publiekssymposium!… Read more »

EASP and KNAW fund my research on clinical applications regarding pupil mimicry

During close interactions, humans look into one another’s eyes, follow gaze, and quickly grasp emotion signals. The eye-catching morphology of human eyes, with unique eye whites, draws attention to the middle part, to the pupils, and their autonomic changes, which signal arousal, cognitive load, and social interest. Recently, an intriguing phenomenon has been discovered: humans tend to synchronize their pupil-size… Read more »

CoPAN Photo Competition

Theme: the social and emotional bonobo Prize: 200 euro   For a new non-invasive experiment I am looking for pictures of bonobos from Apenheul (the Netherlands), Kölner Zoo (Germany) and Planckendael Zoo (Belgium) taken in 2014 or 2015 showing: Stress, display, yawns, sexual intercourse, grooming or emotional expressions Close-ups of the eye-region showing a neutral expression   The pictures can… Read more »

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