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Associate Professor at Leiden University


Ph.D. Workshop. Connecting minds and sharing emotions through wires and neurons in man and animal

Date: July 5th, from 10.00-18.15 Place: Leiden University, room: bestuurskamer (1st floor of the Pieter de La Court Building, Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden) For registration or more information: m.e.kret@fsw.leidenuniv.nl   Summary Why do we express emotions? How does our brain process these incoming signals from others and connect them with our own feelings? Are the same processes at stake in other… Read more »

Bonobos’ attention attracted by emotions

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie)   Bonobos – just like humans – give more attention to pictures that show other members of their species displaying emotional behaviour than to neutral scenes. Unlike humans, however, bonobos prefer to look at positive behaviours: social grooming, sex and yawning. This was discovered by the Leiden researcher Dr. Mariska Kret while conducting research… Read more »

Primatologists in Discussion. The Netherlands meets Japan

On March 8th, CBEN, the Cognition, Behavior & Evolution Network, organizes a discussion evening between primatologists Jan van Hooff and Tetsuro Matsuzawa. The evening starts with a lecture by each of them and is followed by a discussion along different theses that are of interest to a broader audience, such as the following statements: •   Insight in the evolution of… Read more »

Mariska joined the board of the Netherlands Society for Behavioural Biology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gedragsbiologie-NVG)

Mariska will organize the NVG conference in Soesterberg in November 2016 (23-25 November 2016…save the date!). For more information about the society, click here. This year was the last year she was in the board of de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychonomie-NVP (Psychonomics) as treasurer and conference committee member. She will remain an active member and looks forward to all the… Read more »

Bonobo Project II van start

Het is winter en de Apenheul is gesloten. Goed nieuws, want dat betekent dat we van start kunnen met Bonobo Project II! De resultaten van Bonobo Project I zijn opgeschreven en ingediend bij een wetenschappelijk tijdschrift. Ik zal de bevindingen binnenkort op mijn website zetten. Maar hier eerst een update over waar we nu staan! Jasper Wijnen heeft deze week… Read more »

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