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Associate Professor at Leiden University


CoPAN welcomes new Clinical Research Assistant Katharina Wehebrink

Katharina will work on the research project ‘Decoupled eye signals: interpersonal trust deficits in mental disorders explained?’   Motivation: In my current position as a clinical research assistant at the Muenster University Hospital, I interact with psychiatric patients on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these conversations can be one-sided, flat and superficial because patients lack trust in others, therefore feel unsafe… Read more »

Summary of Masterclass Connecting minds and sharing emotions through wires and neurons in man and animal

Why do we express emotions? How does our brain process these incoming signals from others and connect them with our own feelings? Are the same processes at stake in other animals, and can we simulate them with artificial intelligence or evoke them through games? On July 5th 2016 the Netherlands Society for Behavioral Biology and the EPOS Graduate Network for… Read more »

François Quesque wins IBRO grant to visit the CoPAN lab

François Quesque (Postdoc at the University of Lille) and I met at the ESCOP conference in Cyprus earlier this year and found out we had many shared research interests. Fortunately, François saw a chance to visit our lab in Leiden early March and gave an inspiring talk entitled ‘Show me how you move, I’ll tell you what you think’. After… Read more »

Our research on the cover of PNAS!

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie)   Bonobos – just like humans – give more attention to pictures that show other members of their species displaying emotional behaviour than to neutral scenes. Unlike humans, however, bonobos prefer to look at positive behaviours: social grooming, sex and yawning. This was discovered by the Leiden researcher Dr. Mariska Kret while conducting research… Read more »

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