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Associate Professor at Leiden University


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Netherlands Society for Behavioural Biology Meeting- Register now!

The 24th NVG meeting will be held from Wednesday November 30st to Friday December 2nd in conference hotel ‘Kontakt der Kontinenten‘ in Soesterberg, TheNetherlands. The meeting starts on Wednesday evening, after the PhD workshop (see below). Highlights of this meeting are the keynote lectures, including the Brill Baerends Lecture*, for which internationally renowned behavioural biologists are invited. This year, the… Read more »

Mariska on Editorial Board PLOS ONE

I am delighted to soon join the Board of PLOS ONE. By joining PLOS ONE as an Academic Editor, I will be supporting the PLOS mission of freely disseminating rigorous scientific research to the public, worldwide. PLOS ONE launched at the end of December 2006 as an efficient and economical venue for disseminating research in all areas of science and… Read more »

CoPAN welcomes new PhD student Evy van Berlo

Evy will work on the project ‘Unearthing the evolutionary roots of discrimination’, which is co-funded by Leidsch Universitair Fonds, Elise Mathilde Stichting and Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen.   Project description: Discrimination against social outgroups is a major issue in our society. The social sciences have provided different theories to understand its multifaceted nature, but it remains unclear how discrimination… Read more »

Will Mariska be the New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2016?

Dat hangt voor 50% af van het aantal mensen dat op mij stemt! Lees hieronder meer over mijn onderzoek in het interview tijdens de voorselectie of bekijk deze video. Op naar de volgende ronde! That depends for 50% on you and on how many votes I receive! Thank you very much for your support. Please vote for me here.  … Read more »

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